I am an Assistant Research Scientist at the Texas A&M Institute of Data Science (TAMIDS). My research interests focus on computer vision applications, data science of built environments, and confocal imagery. You can find my papers on Google Scholar. More details of my work can be found on my Work page.


  • 2022/03: I am guest-editing the following special issue: Data Science in City Operations with the journal of Computational Urban Science. The submission deadline is January 15, 2023. This is a peer-reviewed open-access journal with Springer, a great way to increase your impact. There is NO article processing charge.
  • 2021/08: TAMIDS project just received an exciting Azure grant ($150,000) from Microsoft AI for Humanitarian Action. (2021). This project is titled “Rapid damage prediction from social media using historical big data and deep learning”. More details can be found here: https://tamids.tamu.edu/2021/08/19/ms-ai-humanitarian/.