Journal manuscripts:

  • Pi Y., Lomax T., Duffield N., Behzadan A. (2021) “Visual Recognition for Traffic Information Retrieval and Analysis in Major Events Using Convolutional Neural Networks”, Computational Urban Science (in review).
  • Pi Y., Nath N.D., Sampathkumar S., Behzadan A.H. (2021), “Deep Learning for Visual Analytics of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection in Crowded Urban Environments”, ASCE Natural Hazards Review. 
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  • Pi Y., Nath N.D., Behzadan A.H. (2020), “Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection in Aerial Imagery for Disaster Response and Recovery”, Elsevier Journal of Advanced Engineering Informatics, New York, NY.
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Conference proceedings:

  • Pi Y., Lomax T., Duffield N., Behzadan A. (2021), “Computer Vision and Multi-object Tracking for Traffic Measurement from Campus Monitoring Cameras”, I3CE conference, Orlando, FL.
  • Pi Y., Nath N.D., Behzadan A.H. (2020), “Deep Neural Networks for Drone View Localization and Mapping in GPS-Denied Environments”, 18th International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (ICCCBE), São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Pi Y., Nath N.D., Behzadan A.H. (2020), “Disaster Impact Information Retrieval Using Deep Learning Object Detection in Crowdsourced Drone Footage”, 27th International Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering (EG-ICE), Berlin, Germany.

Industry Projects

  • Zhuhai Gree City CICI residential building (Link). Award winning project which comprises of 36 residential stories, skirt commericial area, and a steel bridge at 100 meters high.
  • Xi’an TianLang complex planning and architecture design